Gaming streamer Mangobells happy about rise of girl power in Esports


TASKUS PH resident streamer Mangobellls lives for the challenge of breaking the stereotypes in the Esports industry, choosing to rise above the societal norms to pursue her passion.

“As women in the field of e-sports, what we should do is rise above,” Mangobellls said during the U do U x Neutral Grounds Tekken Night recently. “I’ve seen women beat guys.”

Females in the industry may not be as common as men, but she is all for building a community with like-minded people, enthusiastic about Esports.

“I’d like to think of my streams as a place where people can drop by, hangout, unwind, chill and make friends,” she explained.

Playing and streaming multiple genres five days a week, Mangobellls sustains her needs by making the most out of the thriving industry, encouraging others to do the same.

“I actually make a living out of gaming. I never imagined this would be possible, but here I am,” she said. “There is an unquestionable potential in the industry and it’s opening a lot of opportunities for people.”

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