Activision Blizzard Esports League Tries a Nielsen Metric to Take on Traditional Sports

By Sahil Patel

Activision Blizzard Inc. ’s esports league, the Overwatch League, is using a longtime TV measurement yardstick to make it easier for advertisers to consider its programming alongside traditional sports on broadcast and cable.

The league pits teams against each other in the Activision Blizzard videogame “Overwatch” during a recurring regular season that is modeled on traditional pro sports, with competitions viewable online and on TV around the world. The overall prize pool for the 2019 season is $5 million.

The Overwatch League in February began releasing Nielsen viewership reports on the average number of people who watch any minute of a league event, among other Nielsen-backed numbers.

This average-minute audience, or AMA, number has long been used by traditional sports leagues and broadcasters to show the reach of live sports across a full broadcast.

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