How the UK’s first esports degree is breaking ‘Mickey Mouse’ perceptions: ‘There’s always criticism about anything new’

By: Adam Starkey

GameCentral visits Staffordshire University’s Digital Institute London to discover how their degree in esports is laying the groundwork for a new generation. To call esports an ‘emerging’ industry downplays its popularity and growth across the world. At the start of 2019, research firms estimated it would become a billion-dollar industry worldwide before the year is out, with revenues rising through advertising, sponsorship deals, and media rights to stream the biggest tournaments. While the UK is playing catch up compared to the rest of the world, there’s been enormous strides in recent years. More local leagues are popping up across the country, international organisations like Fnatic have offices in London, and recently football team Manchester City joined forces with esport company FaZe Clan to capitalise on its popularity with youth.

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