PUBG Mobile World League WEST – League Play Week 1 Day 2 Results & Standings

PUBG Mobile World League WEST – League Play Week 1 Day 2 Results & Standings

PMWL League Play Week One Day Two Results

PMWL League Play Week One enters into its final weekday today. After an exciting first day of the League Play Weekdays, we head into the final day. Today the top 16 teams will be eligible to play in the Super Weekend which starts this Friday. Lets take a look into today’s games schedule and their analysis.

The map selection was limited to only two maps played alternatively in the first week. Erangel and Vikendi were the preferred maps in the first week.

Match One – Vikendi:

The match started in a very slow and steady pace. No players were looking to force any kind of engagements, and were just looting around their regular drop locations. TSM-Entity had a promising start on the second day. They fought with Reject Scarlett and secured three kills in the process.

Orange Rock and MORPH Team faced each other in a rocky terrain. MORPH Team utilizes the high ground advantage perfectly and sets a good start for this fight. They eventually push into Orange Rock and wipe them out. An unfortunate push from FreeStyle was also seen where they were swiftly obliterated by Team Secret.

TSM-Entity and MORPH, both could not capitalise on their early advantages and take an early exit. TSM-Entity forced a push on No Chance Team but they covered so many angles that TSM-Entity could not respond correctly as push turned against them.

The last phase of circle finished into the city areas and again, there were high amount of players crawling for space into a very small circle. Yodoo Gank start their second day with a victory and good amount of kills.

Yodoo Gank won the match with 8 kills and 28 points. Megastars ranked second with 5 kills and 19 points. Bigetron RA ranked third with 11 kills and 17 points.

Match Two – Erangel:

Erangel started in a unique way as the zone shifted to the southern island of the map. Teams took a safe approach and started rotating as early as possible. Bigetron RA successfully rotated and then set up a trap for other teams. They managed to take few kills in that setup.

The zone centralised on the Military Base and rotating to circle was extremely hard for many teams. A small skirmish across bridge area between Orange Rock and No Chance Team was seen, Orange Rock did manage to enter zone earlier than No Chance Team in the end.

NOVA-GodLike was having a good spot into the base area but took an unexpected exit during their rotations. A fight between Bigetron RA and SynerGE took place into the southern side of the circle. Both of them were getting third-party intervention from other teams but Bigetron still managed to wipe SynerGE and enter the circle.

The final fight was a triangle of death between Valdus Esports, Orange Rock and Bigetron RA. Orange Rock pushed into Valdus Esports but a pre- grenade by Goddard turned the tides and Orange Rock takes the exit. It was a 1vs1 situation between Bigetron and Valdus Esports. BTR Zuxxy played calmly and grabbed the kills along with the grenade finish on Valdus Esports.

Bigetron win the match 12 kills and 32 points. Valdus Esports came second with 8 kills and 22 points. Orange Rock ranked third with 10 kills and 20 points.

Match Three – Vikendi:

The match started very slow again. The usual Vikendi meta of loot and rotate to the centre was observed. Teams were clustered in the central area around the compounds and no compound was left free. The zone also had 30% of water body so land mass was already less into the game.

First prominent fight was between Orange Rock and Freestyle. FreeStyle could not keep upto the utility usage from Orange Rock and quickly falls down to only one man standing.

FreeStyle were later eliminated followed by MORPH Team and Team Secret. Team Secret started a good fight with TSM-Entity but Jonathan got the better of this and kept hopes alive for his team.

The zone heavily favoured Orange Rock in the middle phases. They utilized this advantage perfectly and fragged out to their highest potential. They gathered a very high amount of kills. The last fight was between Orange Rock and Bigetron RA but as Bigetron was only two man strong and outside the zone, they couldn’t do much as Orange Rock grabbed the win.

Orange Rock won this map with 13 kills and 33 points. Bigetron RA ranked second with 4 kills and 18 points. TSM-Entity was third with 7 kills and 14 points.

Match Four – Erangel:

Erangel also had a slow start. The zone was prioritised over kills and only small battles and few knocks were seen in the very early phase. The first fight started when Team Secret pushed into a compound against two players of NOVA-GodLike and killed them. NOVA-GodLike was left with a single man standing in the end.

NOVA-Godlike could not survive for much long and was the first team to take an exit on this map. The middle phase of the map shifted the zone onto the open fields of Gatka. Teams started dropping out very early.

TSM-Entity pushed into Team IND and eliminated them. Celtz killed Yodoo Gank at an early fight. A risky rotation from TSM was fruitful when they managed to get into the circle and gate-keep the remaining teams. RRQ Athena could not keep up the pace of the zone and were wiped during their rotations.

BOX Gaming had the best advantage in the final circles. They were raining bullets on other teams and just rising their kill count in a very elegant way. Austin from SynerGE crawled his way to the second place with no kills. With a compound and a loot crate to their cover, they secured the win with a very huge amount of kills.

BOX Gaming won the match with 20 kills and 40 points. TSM-Entity ranked second with 8 kills and 18 points. SynerGE grabbed the third spot with 0 kills and 14 points.

Match Five – Vikendi:

The last match was played on the icy terrains of Vikendi. An early engagement between GR Celtz and MORPH Team was seen. Both of them disengaged quickly after grabbing some kills because they were ranked pretty close to the bottom 4 elimination group.

Hardly any fights broke out in the initial rotation stage. A few car bursts, few knock and finishes were there but no entire team was commited to fight on an early basis. Most of them liked to disengage and just look for an opportunity in the later stages of the game.

First prominent fight was between Team Secret and Orange Rock. A third-party play from Valdus Esports gave a hard time to Orange Rock but they still managed to wipe Team Secret with the loss of two men on their side.

A noteworthy play from Smokie of NOVA-GodLike was absolutely entertaining to watch. He knocked down three players of U Level UP with a single grenade and perfectly grabbed the hold of their compound.

The last few fights were very crucial for the surviving teams as they ranked in the bottom half of the table. Team SynerGE ran through the edges of the zone and managed to win. Team IND also gave it their all and had a very high kill points game.

SynerGE won the match with 9 kills and 29 points. Team IND ranked second with 5 kills and 19 points. NOVA-GodLike were third with 10 kills and 16 points.

PMWL League Play Week One Day Two Overall Standings:


Week One of Seeding League Play was dominated by Team Orange Rock. They grabbed the highest amount of kill points along with position and topped the overall score board. They have two chicken dinners to their name and highest amount of position points in the first week.

Bigetron RA just slipped by one rank and finished on the second spot for the overall rankings. They also had two chicken dinners to their name.

Third spot was secured by BOX Gaming with their huge jump in the today’s fourth match. They grabbed 40 points and sky-rocketed in the tables, directly to the third place. They have one chicken dinner and second highest amount of kills.

No Chance Team couldn’t perform today and slided to fourth spot. Other teams that performed rather inconsistently were seen in the lower rankings.

There is a huge upset for four teams: U-Level UP Esports, Free Style, NOVA-GodLike and MORPH Team. Their performance in the first week was poor and they played relatively good in only some matches. All of them will miss the first week of Super Weekend and will lag behind in the actual points table that will rank them for the Grand Finals.

The top 16 teams have qualified for the Super Weekend and will play from Friday this week. A total of 15 matches and a fiesta of great performance awaits us.

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