‘Missharvey’ Blames Valve for the Declining Player Count of CSGO

‘Missharvey’ Blames Valve for the Declining Player Count of CSGO

Professional CSGO player missharvey has raised her voice against Valve for not showing enough support for the first-person shooter and the competitive scene revolving around it. Through a column on Dexerto, the 34-year-old shared her concerns about the future of the game, and how the “lack of freshness” coming out of CSGO may ultimately lead to its demise.

Missharvey pointed out that CSGO had reached its peak concurrent player count of 1.3 million in April, 2020, and it has been declining steadily ever since. She mentioned how the gameplay mechanics of CSGO are still relevant, but after eight years, it is starting to bore people out. The problem keeps worsening due to the lack of new content added to the game and the lack of communication from Valve regarding it.

Missharvey wants Valve to work on the community feedback to make CSGO a better game than what it is today. She also complimented Riot Games for actively responding to feedback they get from their community on Valorant, and for being transparent on their plans for the tactical shooter. “I actually feel as if Valorant’s dev team is listening more to Counter-Strike players than Valve itself,” she said.

Riot’s take on the FPS genre has indeed gained immense traction following its release on June 2nd. Many are considering Valorant to be the next big name in the world of competitive shooters and prominent personalities from the CSGO scene as well as popular streamers have already switched to Valorant. Missharvey herself has been seen sharing clips of her playing the game through her Twitter.

“There have been a lot of times in my career where I wish Valve showed us more, and once again we seem to be at a crossroads,” missharvey concluded. “They have everything they need to stay on top, but seem to be happy to just sit back and let other games play catch-up. I mean, c’mon, 64-tick competitive servers in 2020?”

Published at Sun, 13 Sep 2020 17:42:12 +0000

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