Gen.G and Samsung Unveil 14 Days of Fortnite Tabbed Mystic Map Mayhem

Gen.G and Samsung Unveil 14 Days of Fortnite Tabbed Mystic Map Mayhem

Gen.G, along with presenting partner Samsung, have unveiled the Mystic Map Mayhem presented by Samsung that will take place on Sept. 26. The event will feature 14 days of “Fortnite mayhem, challenges, and content,” as the fortnight of games will present to fans and players four custom built Fortnite Creative maps. 

As part of the event, there will be a sweepstakes for the first three Creative maps’ that will be open to the public for four days each; Sept. 26 – 29, Sept. 30 – Oct 3, and Oct. 4 – Oct 8. Each of the maps are named after Samsung device colors: Mystic Bronze Map (Sept. 26), Mystic White Map (Sept. 30) and Mystic Black Map (Oct. 4). The final map will be revealed during a live pro-am event that takes place on Oct. 9 from 7-10 pm EDT. The pro-am will pit celebrities, influencers & top community contenders against each other.

As part of the sweepstakes, fans will be asked to post their “Victory Royale” screenshots from the Samsung Fortnite Creative maps to Twitter, tagging @SamsungMobile, @GenG, #MysticMapMayhem, and SamsungXGenG.  Winners will be entered into two giveaways for Samsung/Galaxy mobile products and will also have a chance to play in the final live event on Oct. 9.

For the Mystic Map Mayhem, each stream will feature Fortnite talent and professionals, including DJ Alison Wonderland (EDM Producer/DJ/Singer), Austin Ekeler (NFL running back), Michelle Khare (host of YouTube show Challenge Accepted), Emily Ghoul (Influencer & host of Arcade Live on VENN), jas N (Fortnite creator @PrincessJasFN), MustardPlays (YouTube content creator) and Team Bumble (Gen.G’s all-women pro-Fortnite team).

Published at Thu, 24 Sep 2020 20:10:40 +0000

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