Valve Cancels Spring CSGO Major, Hopeful for Fall 2021

Valve Cancels Spring CSGO Major, Hopeful for Fall 2021

Valve has canceled the Spring CS:GO Major as per the latest report by The game developer has, however, zeroed in on a partner and a venue for the Fall 2021 Major.


Valve had plans to hold the CS:GO Major in May 2021. But with the global pandemic showing no signs of slowing down and the uncertainty surrounding holding an event on the scale of a CS:GO Major in May, the game developer has taken the decision to cancel the Spring Major.


Earlier this year, ESL had to postpone the ESL One Rio Major to November as the global pandemic hit esports events worldwide. Valve later announced the Rio Major was canceled as coronavirus showed no signs of slowing down.


When is the Next CS:GO Major?


We are still disentangling our prior commitments, and currently have both a partner and an EU venue designated for a Major later in 2021,” Valve said. “Assuming it makes sense to proceed, the event will take place October 25-November 7 with a potential play-in event October 23-24.


The next CS:GO Major heavily depends on the pandemic control and travel restrictions across the globe. However, with a partner and a venue ready, Valve looks set to host the Fall CS:GO Major in 2021.


As the coronavirus pandemic has spread rapidly throughout the world, tournament organizers have had to either cancel or postpone their LAN events.

Valve still does not have any information about the Regional Major Ranking (RMR) created in April. The game developer also welcomed feedback from tournament organizers about the system and the types of events that are eligible. 

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