YourPrincess Twitch Rivals drama explained

YourPrincess Twitch Rivals drama explained

yourprincess drama
yourprincess twitch rivals

The League of Legends star YourPrincess aka Jayden Diaz, has decided to step down from captaincy from the Twitch Rivals competition after she accused a fellow player of sexual abuse.

Though the decision was taken out of her own discretion, her teammates somewhat forced it out of her as they chose to abandon their team once the draft was finalized. Having three of her teammates drop out, Diaz was left without a team to be a captain of. Players who were drafted in her team found her allegations bogus and immediately opted out.

YourPrincess drama explained

YourPrincess made accusations against player ‘Tuesday’ aka Jean-Sébastien Thery in 2020 as part of the MeToo movement. She claimed Thery made her feel uncomfortable and things took a worse turn after he allegedly picked her up and placed her on his lap without warning. Tuesday defended himself by making public a series of private chats with YourPrincess that suggests they shared a flirtatious relationship far from platonic. YourPrincess has also been accused of abusing the popularity of the #MeToo movement to traction from media attention.

Why YourPrincess quit Twitch Rivals

Diaz has been under fire ever since the screenshots surfaced. The community was quick to get behind Tuesday as everyone finds enough ground to justify his actions. The pressure has forced Diaz to completely part ways with Twitch Rivals as after the truth came out, no one was willing to play with her anymore, three players of her team, MikeYeung, Dragoon, and LL Stylish, all flunked the team.

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