Asmongold will not stop saying the R-word

Asmongold will not stop saying the R-word

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Prominent variety streamer Asmongold claims that he won’t stop saying the word “re***d” unless a Twitch ban looms over his head.

Asmongold brings his eccentric personality to his daily streams. Being a variety streamer, he isn’t particularly good at any game and for the same reason, his chat was very critical of him. Some harsh comments from his audience forced him to accept his unpolished skills in the game before calling himself a “re***d”.

His comments have landed him in hot water ever since, he said it defends himself from fans taunting him for being not as good in the new games that he tries on stream.

“If you guys have ever watched me play a new game that has any sort of complexities to it, you’d see that I’m like a r****d or something,” said Asmon. “Come on no ‘R word’? Listen, I think there’s nothing wrong with saying the word r******d, and I think the people that get mad about it are just f*****g stupid,”

“I’m going to keep saying it until they tell me if I say it they’ll ban me, alright?” he added.

Asmon thinks that there is nothing wrong in using the R-word to top it off he said he will continue to use it unless Twitch hands him a warning or a ban. As long the streaming service does not find it against their ToS, he cannot see any reason for him to stop using it.

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Published at Sun, 11 Apr 2021 14:40:09 +0000

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