Honor of Kings Team GK Gaming Appoints K-Pop Star Z.Tao as New Co-CEO and Partner

Honor of Kings Team GK Gaming Appoints K-Pop Star Z.Tao as New Co-CEO and Partner

Hongyu Chen

Hongyu “Eddie” Chen serves as a bridge between China and the West’s esports scenes. He is a hardworking bilingual graduate of MA Business and Marketing and a certified BEng Electronic and Communication Engineer. Though young (25 years old), he has over 12-years of esports experiences globally. He is super passionate on esports as a whole, and also a hardcore Dota 2 player, 5400+MMR, top 0.8% in the world.

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LoL Live Orchestra Announced

LoL Live Orchestra Announced

April 2 to 3 will see the KBS Symphony Orchestra perform the music from our favorite game in League of Legends Live: The Orchestra.

It will be a very different LoL as the KBS Symphony Orchestra performs live orchestrated versions of the biggest songs and themes from the game. The weekend concert will be held at the Sejong Center for Performing Arts in Gwanghwamun, Seoul, South Korea. The event was originally slated to be held on November 27-28, 2020. But was later rescheduled due to developments connected to the Covid-19 scare in South Korea.

The 60-member KBS Symphony Orchestra, directed by Lee Byung Wook, is one of the most famous orchestras in South Korea. Since being founded in 1958, the orchestra has performed music from around the world, but this is the very first time that they will play video game music.

The concert will feature a multi-media production. With scenes from the game projected on-screen while songs like “Warriors” by Imagine Dragons are performed by the orchestra. It will also be the first show presented by Riot Games. As well as the very first game-featured performance at the Sejong Center for Performing Arts.

Tickets start from 20,000 won ($17.68 USD) to 60,000 won ($53.05 USD). With VIP tickets costing 70,000 won ($61.89 USD). While currently confirmed, the concert dates are subject to change, due to any safety issues surrounding Covid-19 that may still arise.

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Free Fire Redeem Code: Get Hipster Bunny Weapon Loot Crate for free

Free Fire Redeem Code: Get Hipster Bunny Weapon Loot Crate for free

free fire redeem code

Free Fire has released a new redeem code specifically for the American region. Players who redeem these codes can get some free bundles and skins to add to their inventory. It is very easy to redeem these codes and Free Fire enthusiasts from the Americas region have an exciting opportunity to grab some exclusive items free of cost.

Free Fire and its cosmetic lineup are very famous among the player base. The skins have a lot of variety and are very lucrative but one needs to spend diamonds for it. Those who cannot afford to pay for the skins have other ways to earn the skins and the easiest way to grab some freebies is through redeeming codes.

Redeem codes in Free Fire are basically gift vouchers that players can redeem to get some free in-game items as the redemption gift. Garena holds some giveaways for these coupon codes for very limited occasions and players have to be very quick to avail these rewards as they tend to expire quickly.

Free Fire has launched a new redeem code for America’s region where players can earn a Hipster Bunny Weapon Loot Crate for free by simply redeeming the code given below. You can use the method given below to redeem this coupon.


  • Visit the Reward Redemption center of Garena Free Fire. Click here to visit.
  • Log in with your Free Fire account. One must have either Facebook or Google ID signed in as a Guest account does not work.
  • Use the code 67G8VDLFTHUJ to get a Hipster Bunny Weapon Loot Crate for free.
  • Enter the code and get free rewards in your in-game item vault.

Make sure to check that you have fully copied the Free Fire coupon given above and it is 12 characters long, with a string of numbers and capital letters mixed. Also remember to use the coupon as soon as possible before the coupons get expired.

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Opinion: Sponsors Need to Fight to Save the LCS Import Rule

Opinion: Sponsors Need to Fight to Save the LCS Import Rule

The League of Legends esports world has been lit aflame this week thanks to reporting from Travis Gafford that the LCS team owners are actively petitioning Riot Games to remove the import rule which requires a set number of active players on any team to be North American residents.

The rule change request is in response to North America’s consistently lackluster performance at the international level. NA is the only major region to never appear in a Worlds Grand Finals, and has consistently had the worst performance of the four. Viewership for the LCS is in decline, as viewers can simply watch better gameplay from other leagues like the LEC and LCK. I know this is true for myself, as I have effectively stopped watching the LCS in favor of the LEC, because I would rather get invested in teams that actually have a shot at winning Worlds.

Chart from Medium post by Andy Dinh.

This is a significant issue that threatens the very existence of the LCS, and owners are right to look for solutions to the problem. However, as eloquently laid out by YouTuber Gbay99 in a recent video, removing the import rule will not fix this issue.

Here’s the reality: an LCS team will never win the League of Legends World Championship. North American players across all PC esports have consistently underperformed other regions since the early days of StarCraft. It’s just a reality of esports. The average American or Canadian does not care about competitive PC gaming the way these titles have been embraced in other cultures. This is an important point regarding the import rule. Even if you bring the best Korean players in the world into North America, they still have to practice on North American servers. Playing against weaker opponents makes you worse. We’ve consistently seen elite talent from other regions move to North America, stay for a few years, and never live up to their full potential.

Removing the import rule will make North America a farm league Korea. Players who want to win will stay in the LCK, players who want a pay day will come to the LCS, and the LCS will continue to finish fourth out of four major regions at Worlds until the end of time.

If I were a sponsor of the LCS or an LCS team, I would be very concerned about this rule change and the entire conversation surrounding it. Sponsors have a vested interest in the LCS improving its viewership, and right now the conversation seems to center around two losing prospects — removing the import rule (making North America irrelevant to a local and global audience) or maintaining the status quo (making North America irrelevant to a local and global audience).

In reality, the issue with the LCS is one sponsors and marketing executives can identify with well and can help address: the LCS has a branding problem. Because North America is technically a major region, the expectation is that it compete on the same level as Europe, China, and Korea. In reality, however, that will never ever happen, and that’s ok! No one expects Brazil, Japan, or CIS to make it out of the group stage, but their fans still turn up in droves to support their leagues because they have pride in supporting their region. That is the whole point of a regional league — to showcase the talent of a specific region. 

The LCS is not the NFL, it’s not the world’s singular League of Legends league intended to showcase the very best talent. It is a league specifically built for the North American players and their fans. Rather than embrace its status as a regional league, the LCS and its teams have tried in vain for nearly a decade to find an audience by offering false hope that maybe this will be the year North America figures out how to win at computer games. Now fans have finally caught on, abandoned hope, and with no other selling point to the league, they’re moving on.

If the LCS actually embraced its regional status, it could turn things around. We know for a fact that regional esports leagues work, TSM owner Andy Dinh even noted the impressive viewership numbers for the French regional league in his post arguing for the removal of the import rule. No one expects a French team to win against Korea’s best, but viewers are still interested in following and supporting local talent.

France has a much smaller potential audience than the entirety of North America. With the right branding and proper setting of expectations for both owners and viewers, the LCS could transform itself into a proper regional league that offers a unique viewing experience to a group of fans loyal to their hometown heroes.

The future of the LCS isn’t buying the five best Korean superstars and letting their talent degrade in California, it’s in embracing the things that make North America unique and interesting, and selling that to a massive local audience. And then telling that audience to order some food on GrubHub. In the current climate, sponsors need a team to win on the international stage in order to get the greatest bang for their buck, but that is an extremely unreliable and unsustainable model. Every stakeholder in the league has a much better chance at creating a sustainable environment worth investing in by transforming the LCS into a true regional league.

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Assessing why action and fantasy games are thriving in eSports

Assessing why action and fantasy games are thriving in eSports

The eSports world has grown considerably in the past few years, and it’s showing no signs of slowing down. Having started to creep into the mainstream, it’s now a major source of entertainment for people.

With further investment coming into eSports, there’s surely more to come as well, which must excite fans. Yet, when it comes to the most popular eSports titles, there are only a select few. Whilst you can find a range of games if you look a bit deeper, the reality is that the main leagues and biggest events seem to center on certain games, such as CS: GO, Dota 2, and League Of Legends.

Why are these so popular?

Firstly, it’s no surprise that FPS and MOBA games are so popular. And, it’s easy to see why the players love playing them, as they’re fun games that offer a lot of value. Recent studies have shown that action themes are the most popular across the gaming industry right now, so eSports is just following that trend. To look at this in more detail, it is possible that games use the modern and fantasy setting is because it is so popular and relevant in modern culture. They are popular outside of gaming, so it makes sense they are popular within gaming too.

Beyond that, the starting point is that these games need to offer a multiplayer mode suitable for competitive play, which ensures that you can organize teams and tournaments. The game also needs to be balanced so that the gameplay is fair, which means each match will be decided by skill rather than abusing a broken weapon or game mechanic. Equally important, the game needs to be fun to watch.

The reality is that any game that isn’t exciting to watch isn’t going to attract a wide audience. A host of factors need to come together for this to work, which means the games are good to play, good to watch, and have an interesting setting. All of the titles listed ensure that is the case, which is why so many play them.

Other games can still thrive

There’s nothing to suggest that other themes can’t break through and enjoy similar success in the eSports world. Fortnite is the clearest example of that, which is quite cartoony in appearance. This is a relatively new game compared to the likes of LoL or CS: GO, and it has proven to be massive in the competitive scene. Then you have other titles, such as FIFA, that are starting to develop a bigger support base for eSports, with major tournaments taking place.

What does the future hold?

The future for everyone connected to eSports is very bright. As touched upon, it’s growing in popularity, and that’s not stopping any time soon. The level of investment into the industry is continuing, and when you have high-profile figures such as Drake, Michael Jordan, and David Beckham, getting involved, then you should expect more to come.

In terms of the games, they will eventually branch out as well. When eSports has a bigger reach, there will be more calls for different types of games, although the popular action and shooter games now will still grow.

Ultimately, as reflected in the gaming industry, on the whole, certain types of games are flourishing in eSports right now, but the great thing is the choice available for players. With more publicity and investment coming into eSports, the depth of games is only going to increase.

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EVOS Esports Partners With Hepmil Creators’ Network for Indonesian Market

EVOS Esports Partners With Hepmil Creators’ Network for Indonesian Market

Southeast esports organization EVOS Esports announced a partnership with Hepmil Creators’ Network (HCN) for the Indonesian market. EVOS made the announcement during a Clubhouse event Wednesday evening. Financial terms of the deal were not disclosed.

Under the terms of the deal, EVOS and HCN will offer brands and advertisers in Indonesia “premium inventory on YouTube” using HCN’s “Reserved Media offering.” The main focus of this inventory will be EVOS’ esports and gaming channel content. EVOS said in a release that this partnership will also provide opportunities to esports and gaming talents in Indonesia to be part of the Reserved Media program.

According to EVOS it manages “160 gaming influencers exclusively” and is partnered with more than 200 esports talents, with a total following of 64M YouTube subscribers, more than 62M Instagram followers, and more than 350M total views per month across Southeast Asia. 

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Indian Gaming League Secures $500K Strategic Investment

Indian Gaming League Secures $500K Strategic Investment

The Indian Gaming League (IGL) parent company, House of Gaming Pvt. Ltd., announced that it has raised a $500K USD strategic investment from digital entertainment company Hungama and movie and digital content production company Hindustan Talkies. 

The Mumbai-based startup intends to use the investment proceeds to acquire new users and develop additional features to increase user engagement on its tournament platform. Furthermore, IGL will use some of its fresh capital to launch its Indian Gaming League Championship Cup inaugural season.

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