By burnleyfootballclub

FIFA players have been competing over the weekend to make it to the second day of competition where we will eventually find our winners of the FIFA21 eClarets Summer Series Open Tournament.

The winners and runners up will walk away with a share of a £1000 prize pot and a place in the Summer Series PRO Tournament which could gain them a spot in next season’s Burnley FC Esports Team.

Commentary will be provided by popular Esports Castor, Richard Buckley, Burnley mega fan Vizeh and our very own Brad Colston.

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ESL releases Esport Monopoly game

By H.B. Duran 

Global esports tournament organiser ESL Gaming has revealed Esport Monopoly, a twist on the classic board game in which players can buy major tournaments instead of property.

Esport Monopoly swaps traditional Monopoly game pieces like the shoe and thimble for gaming-specific items including a game controller, keyboard, headphones, ESL logo, trophy, and chicken, i.e. ‘Winner, Winner, Chicken Dinner.’

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Amihan Esports disbands following Riot’s punishments for forging documents

by Jeremiah Sevilla

Two days after Riot Games handed down harsh punishments for its falsification of documents, Amihan Esports announced its disbandment on Monday, July 19.

Amihan bared the unfortunate development through a farewell statement posted on its Facebook page.

“Our tradition here in Amihan Esports might not be similar to other organizations. But we sure did have fun. Friendships were born, dreams were made and heartbreaks were fixed,” it said.

Amihan released all the players in its League of Legends: Wild Rift and Mobile Legends: Bang Bang divisions.

“We might not be together on your journey to the world championship and MPL but always bring that Amihan Blood in you. We set you free because nobody deserves to be held back. Nonetheless, we end our Amihan Esports journey here.”

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Helping esports teams sleep better, one night at a time

By Radina Koutsafti

Sleep has become a luxury in recent years. More so for esports athletes and content creators whose life and brand revolves around being online 24/7. 

Being a professional esports athlete requires a lot of discipline. This includes sticking to a strict schedule — especially for teams who live in gaming houses — and having a daily routine that heavily revolves around practice, strategising and perfecting gameplay.

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Monarch founder lobbies support for eSports in academe, sports org.

By Nikkei Asia 

MONARCH founder Mike Cubos is lobbying for the inclusion of eSports in the Cebu Schools Athletic Foundation Inc. (Cesafi).

Cubos said he has already discussed with Cesafi’s commissioner Felix Tiukinhoy Jr., for the possible inclusion of eSports in Cesafi competition so it will get the support as a professional league.

eSports, also known as electronic sports, is a form of competition using video games. Esports as part of the Southeast Asian (SEA) Games made its debut in 2019 during the Philippines’ hosting of 30th SEA Games, making the game more attractive, especially to the younger generation.

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