Herosphere aims to simplify crypto esports betting

Although the Herosphere project is still relatively new, the brand have already clocked up well over 250,000 customers. Since the start of the year, there have been more than 5,000 contests established on the Herosphere platform and this number is growing at a rate of nearly 45% each month.

In order to create their gaming community where customers can create their own betting contests, Heroscape have partnered up with the Austrian cryptocurrency firm, Coinfinity, to develop the platform’s HEROcoin currency. Already the HEROcoin currency can be brought in the form of crypto vouchers at well over 4,000 outlets across Austria.

In addition to this, the Heroscape platform has integrated the Dash cryptocurrency transfer system so that gamers can easily convert their funds into HEROcoin. All of which has helped customers make virtually instant transactions on the Herosphere.gg site, and this process can be enjoyed without requiring the users to give up control of their betting funds.

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